… and we’re off!

In case you were worried about my preparedness for Ukrainian winters...Well, the time has finally come.  After a year and a half of patience while making our way through the Peace Corps application process, we’re off!  I’m nervous, excited, and ready for an adventure!  Our first couple of months, Alex and I will be PCTs – Peace Corps Trainees.  We’ll be living with a host family and spending most of our weekdays in classes.  We’ll be learning either Ukrainian or Russian, and we will also be receiving technical training to prepare us for our youth development positions.  We will be stationed within a few hours of Ukraine’s capitol, Kyiv (or Kiev), and will be training in a cluster with 4 or 5 other PCTs.  We may not have much internet access during training (or during the rest of our service, for that matter!), so please be patient – we will update the website with blog posts and pictures whenever we can!  Remember, no news is good news!  We don’t know anything yet about our permanent site – Peace Corps’ unofficial motto is: “be flexible!”

In Ukrainian:  До побачення!  (Pronounced: do pobachennya!  Stressed syllable in bold.)
In English: Good bye!

Or, an easier version: Пока!  (Poka!)  Bye!

(By the way, the picture is for those of you who doubt my ability to prepare for Ukrainian winters!)