First frost

On my way to school this morning, I walked under a tree (maybe a Chestnut) that was dropping it’s big leaves like they were going out of style. Every tree around it was already bare, but this one had kept most of its leaves until today. We had our first serious frost last night which I suppose gave it a wake up call. There was no wind. There was just the sound of hundreds of leaves landing in a nice big pile. It was one of those little moments of amazement that life surprises you with every so often.

Sometimes, locals will tell us how our town has nothing much interesting or beautiful to offer. Maybe one of the blessings of our life here is that many “ordinary” Ukrainian things are new and beautiful to us.

One thought on “First frost”

  1. This is a neat “reflection” piece, Alex. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
    I love you and miss you!

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