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A sampling of photos from 2012!

Photos from 2011

  • Summer 2009


Photos from 2010

  • Settling in Sofievka


Photos from 2009

  • Training


12 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Great photos of your training. I love the new photo album it works great. Really nice with piclens too!

  2. I love the following: the blue carpet in the new apartment; the vodka at the party; and the birthday flower. Great pictures.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures, E & A. If you have a daughter, I want you to name her Luba. The pictures of the children are delightful. You must have had so much fun with them. I’m already looking forward to summer camp next summer. Do your friends serve Wild Turkey instead of vodka?
    Love you,
    Daddy G.

  4. I have a question…you had to know it was gonna be me!
    Why do you wear a head scarf for church? I didn’t know that was part of the practice…do tell!
    All nerdy churchy questions aside – the pictures are great and I really miss yall!

  5. Uhhmmm, I think I’m a bit behind…..just now got a chance to look at your summer photos! It’s wonderful to see some of what you are doing there! And that Canon camera is great, isn’t it? (We bought the same model and I took it to Europe.) Anyway, was so happy to see your smiling faces!
    Lots of love,

  6. I looks like you guys are getting settled in and having some good times. The pictures give me a real feel for your life there in Ukraine!

  7. The playgrounds are beautiful. They are a wonderful reminder of your stay in Sofievka! I am proud to have been a little part of it.

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