Why the password?

FYI, there are a few reasons we put some of our posts behind a password.

First of all, it’s for our personal safety.  The communities we live in here adopt us and, for the most part, keep us safe.  But we’ll be living in the same — possibly remote — place for so long, that Peace Corps strongly encourages us to not make our location easy to find on the web.  That makes us a little safer from random folks who may want to find an American.

Secondly, we want to protect innocent bystanders about whom we would like to say something, but who may not want their names plastered on the web.  It’s a simple courtesy for us bloggers who don’t have the guts to tell all and to hell with the consequences.

Finally, we may sometimes ask for passwords so we can speak frankly about things we see or experience without inadvertently offending anyone in our lovely host country.  Two of the three main goals of Peace Corps are to promote understanding (and friendship) between peoples, we have to be somewhat sensitive and diplomatic.

That said, I hope the password thing doesn’t annoy anyone.  If you lost or never got a password, just email Emma or me and we’ll send one to you.

One thought on “Why the password?”

  1. Emma and Alex, we love the pictures, especially the surprise at the end. I would have enjoyed dancing with you. Incidentally, Mom said “thanks” for calling yesterday (Mothers Day) and singing. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. When you get a chance, check out Mom’s Facebook to see wildflower pictures we took at the creek last weekend. I know you’re studying very hard. Russian must be a difficult language to learn. All’s well here. I’ll send you an attached copy of the letter I wrote Anna this evening to let you know about our weekend at the creek. We love and miss you.
    Daddy Griffis

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